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How To Remove An Interaction From An Element?

1. Select the element from you want to remove the interaction.

2. Go to the Interactions Panel and find the interaction that is selected.

3. Change the interaction selected to None.


How Can I Hide The Contact Form?

1. Go to the Navigator Panel and find the Contact Form Symbol.

2. Go to the Style Panel and change the Display Setting from Display Block to Display None (eye icon with a crossed line)


Don't forget to set again the Display Setting to Display Flex when done.

How To Make a Page The Home Page?

To assign a different page to be the home-page, click on the Make Home Page button from the Page Details menu.

How To Add More Pictures On Listing?

In case you want to add more images to the Listing, you can do so by adding images on the Description section.

How To Add a Map to a Listing?

1. Go to Google Maps and type your property address, hit search (not get directions).

2. Click on "Share" button.

3. On the pop up box select "Shorten Link", copy the link.

4. Open your listing page and on the Map section and hit enter.

5. Click on the embed media button and enter your Google Maps link.

6. Select the Full Width option.

7. Save your listing... and done!

How to add more Property statuses

Watch video:

How to add more Property types

Watch video:

Share Items

Copy this set of share icons on the page you want to share

Do not delete the following icons, if you do the share icons will loose their styling.


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Template Version

Current Version

1.6 Property status and type were deleted.

1.5 Was corrected an error on Blog Post Page that was showing all tags for all post.

1.4 Issue found on Navbar fixed. How to add a Map to the listing was added.

1.3 Interaction Show/Hide added to the Navbar

1.2 Search was integrated.

1.1 A bug fix was made on Fixed Contact Form and Newsletter form, the problem was that the Success Message was not been visible, now it is.

1.0 Initial template version